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Critical review of the Lives of Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis

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Armand connects two life stories; Freud and Lewis by concentrate on the similarity of the background experience in the childhood that forms and impacts with their adult perspective, especially, about the believing in god. Both of them used to be atheism, but they eventually change their mind to become the faith. The author emphasizes on the early losses, the terrible relationship with their father and induced by reading as the main factors influent to their belief. However, some principle experiences are neglect. Lewis has the war experiences, which might be a large influence for switching his belief by the loss of his close friend in the war. He might be afraid of dead and starts to believe in god. Freud creates the Oedipus theory, which might convert his feeling toward his father from the negative to positive and lead to the agreement on his father’s word. Therefore, Armand should concern about the disconnection factors between both of them and also provide more strongly evidences that the linkages are truly major influence to their belief.


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Wang.Kun Yuan's review

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When Freud assumed that the departure of his nursemaid, who always took him to church when he was a little boy, was the source of his bad feeling against the Catholic, this article pointed out it was not that case and there should be some real reasons. In fact, Freud grew up in a traditional Jew family and his father really wanted his son to accept the spirit of God, so Freq naturally has the similar worldview as with father at the beginning. However, the appearance of the professor Franze Brentano, who showed a great doubt on the pope, had a great effect on the Freud and let him to start to suspect the thought of theist. And then, the medical education experience and the anti-Semitism environment gradually changed his worldview. After his father death, which was a big shock on him but also stimulated his self-analysis, he created the Oedipus Theory and totally became an atheism. At last, the article concluded the background of Freud showed the family relationship and the personal experience was the key factor that determined ones belief.


Evaluation of CSL issue conclusion to evaluation of SF issue

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Comparing Freud, C.S.Lewis’ life, amazingly similar, was full with misfortune such as losing relations, dark childhood experiences and bad relationship with their fathers. Specifically, their original beliefs were challenged and changed. However although Freud and Lewis were or once were an atheist they eventually made different decision toward their beliefs. The pessimistic personality of Lewis finally pushed him to lose his belief, atheism, again and chose to avoid and escape from the reality. On contrary Freud persisted to be an atheist and became increasingly steady as he devoted into his research, the psycho analytics. Series of theories to interpret his feelings and confusions drove Freud from God and also from Lewis even if he was born in a family with rich spiritual heritage no matter how strong the early relationships with parents influent his adult belief.

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Critical review by Minpyo Kim

According to Dr. Armand, C. S. Lewis unfortunately experienced miserable childhood which would be considerably influential in his future mind just like the life of Freud by suffering from mother’s death and unsatisfactory boarding school. In addition, the author specifically points out their fathers were a negative factor to both Freud and Lewis. At the first glance, this opinion seems to be somewhat appearing; however, the author commits a fallacy of over-generalization in the article. Differently from Freud’s father, Lewis’ father was a pretty much nice patriarch as well as a normal husband. Moreover, Lewis’s atheism is more reasonably considered as being encouraged by educators, such as Miss Cowie and Kirkpatrick dissimilarly from Freud’s atheism. Therefore, Dr. Armand should have dealt with difference of motivation of their atheism more carefully to support his statement more validly.

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Response to Hanouf

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In response to your question, the intro., body and conclusion don't have to be exactly the same length. However, the issue of balance should be kept in mind, especially when writing the intro.

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Question related to the critical review assignment

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