Friday, October 29, 2004


From Minpyo...

How's it going every mate?
It is Friday night. You might have great things to do!

By the way, this is my critical review of the article we read on Thursday class. I attach this for my discussion group members. Have a great weekend!

Critical review by Minpyo Kim

According to Dr. Armand, C. S. Lewis unfortunately experienced miserable childhood which would be considerably influential in his future mind just like the life of Freud by suffering from mother’s death and unsatisfactory boarding school. In addition, the author specifically points out their fathers were a negative factor to both Freud and Lewis. At the first glance, this opinion seems to be somewhat appearing; however, the author commits a fallacy of over-generalization in the article. Differently from Freud’s father, Lewis’ father was a pretty much nice patriarch as well as a normal husband. Moreover, Lewis’s atheism is more reasonably considered as being encouraged by educators, such as Miss Cowie and Kirkpatrick dissimilarly from Freud’s atheism. Therefore, Dr. Armand should have dealt with difference of motivation of their atheism more carefully to support his statement more validly.

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