Sunday, October 31, 2004


Critical review of the Lives of Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis

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This is my conclusion part for critical review, please feel free to suggest. Thank you

Armand connects two life stories; Freud and Lewis by concentrate on the similarity of the background experience in the childhood that forms and impacts with their adult perspective, especially, about the believing in god. Both of them used to be atheism, but they eventually change their mind to become the faith. The author emphasizes on the early losses, the terrible relationship with their father and induced by reading as the main factors influent to their belief. However, some principle experiences are neglect. Lewis has the war experiences, which might be a large influence for switching his belief by the loss of his close friend in the war. He might be afraid of dead and starts to believe in god. Freud creates the Oedipus theory, which might convert his feeling toward his father from the negative to positive and lead to the agreement on his father’s word. Therefore, Armand should concern about the disconnection factors between both of them and also provide more strongly evidences that the linkages are truly major influence to their belief.

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