Saturday, October 30, 2004


Wang.Kun Yuan's review

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When Freud assumed that the departure of his nursemaid, who always took him to church when he was a little boy, was the source of his bad feeling against the Catholic, this article pointed out it was not that case and there should be some real reasons. In fact, Freud grew up in a traditional Jew family and his father really wanted his son to accept the spirit of God, so Freq naturally has the similar worldview as with father at the beginning. However, the appearance of the professor Franze Brentano, who showed a great doubt on the pope, had a great effect on the Freud and let him to start to suspect the thought of theist. And then, the medical education experience and the anti-Semitism environment gradually changed his worldview. After his father death, which was a big shock on him but also stimulated his self-analysis, he created the Oedipus Theory and totally became an atheism. At last, the article concluded the background of Freud showed the family relationship and the personal experience was the key factor that determined ones belief.

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