Saturday, October 30, 2004


Evaluation of CSL issue conclusion to evaluation of SF issue

hello guys! How is your weekend? Must be very busy! Whatever we should remember we have to hand in our homework next Tuesday. I want to share with you about it first. To be honest I think this article is difficult I do not understand completely even if I read it couple of times. Would you like to tell me your opinion about it? That will be marvalous!
PS to Wang(967) Liu(586) and Liu(640), when will we combine our writing?
Thank you very much!
Have fun!

Comparing Freud, C.S.Lewis’ life, amazingly similar, was full with misfortune such as losing relations, dark childhood experiences and bad relationship with their fathers. Specifically, their original beliefs were challenged and changed. However although Freud and Lewis were or once were an atheist they eventually made different decision toward their beliefs. The pessimistic personality of Lewis finally pushed him to lose his belief, atheism, again and chose to avoid and escape from the reality. On contrary Freud persisted to be an atheist and became increasingly steady as he devoted into his research, the psycho analytics. Series of theories to interpret his feelings and confusions drove Freud from God and also from Lewis even if he was born in a family with rich spiritual heritage no matter how strong the early relationships with parents influent his adult belief.

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