Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Introduction of Critical Review (Hanouf)

Hi team members, I am posting the introduction part please combine it with your work, Hanouf Introduction

A review and critique of Chapter 1, The Question og God ,by Dr. Armand M. Nicholi, JR.

Sigismund Freud was born to a Jewish family. Freud grew up an unusual, complicated family as his mom was much younger than his dad, he was taken care of by a nanny, and he suffered discrimination and anti-Semitism as he was in Vienna during the Nazi invasion. Clive Staple. Lewis was born to a middle-class household in Belfast. Lewis has turned bitter toward religion when his prayers to prevent his mom’s death were ineffective. His hate towards God increased when he was sent to boarding school where religious practices were associated with harsh conditions. A private atheist tutor has taught Lewis and might have influenced his belief in God. Lewis was sent to war and lost his close friend, which added to his bitterness towards God. Eventually, Lewis rejected atheism and became a believer. The research question that this review focuses on is whether harsh childhood circumstances shape people’s behavior including their belief in God. Another interesting point this review focuses on is differences between science and religion, and whether scientific method can explain the existence of God.

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